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Happy holidays with the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation The Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation (AIPF) works to preserve the exceptional natural beauty of the Islands, by promoting a sustainable approach to tourism and development through a number of initiatives across five main areas: marine conservation; landscape conservation; sustainable agriculture; waste management and renewable...

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The Aeolian Archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of Sicily is a string of seven volcanic islands named after Aeolus, the Greek demigod of the winds. Under Italy’s brilliant blue skies, the rocky islands are speckled among sparkling cerulean waters and hold a cornucopia of life. Each of the...

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The Municipality of Lipari joins the Greening the Islands Observatory, with the support of the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation, thus setting out on a path to become one of the islands leading green innovation. The Municipality of Lipari has announced at the GTI e_Convention that it has joined the Greening the Islands...

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As part of the TarnaNest Eolie project by Filicudi Wildlife Conservation supported by the Aeolian Island Preservation Foundation, the course to promote the protection of the Caretta Caretta sea turtles and their nests ended, involving students around the Aeolian Islands. The aim of the project was the dissemination of...

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The primary schools IC Isole Eolie of Lipari and Panarea are now totally plastic free!In a period of great difficulty and concern the school becomes the ideal place to build a more sustainable future which is more attentive to the environmental issues, with the inauguration of drinking fountains and...

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Following Lipari, the middle school students from Salina rediscover at school and at sea the ancient maritime traditions and sustainable fishing!From September 15th to al October 20th, at the school Istituto Comprensivo Isole Eolie di Malfa in Salina, a course was held for students of the secondary school aimed...

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An impactful meeting has been held with the Secretary of State for the Ministry of the Environment, the Honourable Roberto Morassut, the Mayor of Lipari (Aeolian Islands) Marco Giorgianni and host Cav Luca Del Bono, Chairman of the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation, in Porto delle Genti Lipari, together with...

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“ConsuMAREsponsabile” is an initiative in collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation, in the frame of the ongoing responsible fishing project in Salina and Stromboli, wants to promote local fish consumption and to support local fishermen, guaranteeing absolute freshness, sustainability and provenance at km zero, involving restaurant and fish shops. Help local...

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