The AIPF exists to preserve the exceptional beauty and natural heritage
of the archipelago; by encouraging a more responsible, sustainably led approach to tourism and promoting its unique, ecologically rich ecosystem.

The AIPF is an initiative started in 2015 by friends of the Aeolian Islands, who want to give this fragile ecosystem the protection it deserves.

We raise money from people from all around the world who care about the future of the Aeolian Islands. We use funds raised to give out grants to local environmental and sustainable initiatives.

To address these social and environmental challenges, the AIPF has worked with partners and funded projects to protect the land and sea, commissioned studies to engage the community and promote change, and established alliances to strengthen local voices on critical issues.

We do this so future generations can also love, enjoy and prosper from the Aeolians pristine seas and marine species, fertile soils and landscape, unique biodiversity and exceptional, natural beauty. By preserving our islands’ natural beauty and resources, we contribute to the community’s well-being and prosperity.

“I was born on the island of Lipari; growing up among the beauty of the archipelago, island hopping, and enjoying the diversity of nature… Now while sadly a few too many buildings have been developed on some islands without control, but worst still, is that the Sea is notably different since my childhood… crazily enough, there is no proper regulation to protect the oceans.

It’s been a wonderful revelation to be able to create the AIPF with my old friend Ben Goldsmith in 2015 and other special friends that have believed in the mission to preserve this idyllic ecosystem.”

-Luca Del Bono, Aeolian




Luca Del Bono, an Anglo-Italian entrepreneur, at the helm of ONDA, a leading global lifestyle club, connecting people and places to share meaningful experiences around the world.
Luca has developed and managed some of the most recognized hospitality establishments in the sector, lately launching the South Kensington Club in London and La Macchia club in Tuscany.
Previously, in 2000, Luca co-founded lifestyle company Quintessentially, spearheading the business development internationally, furthermore launching award-winning Quintessentially Travel.
Over the years, Luca has supported organizations that he‘s passionate about, more recently co-founding the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation. Luca has been honored by the President of Italy with the knighthood of Cavaliere, all’Ordine al Merito della Republica Italiana.

Luca, born in Lipari, remains an Aeolian explorer at heart, embracing and divulging the beauty that nature has gifted his home islands.



Isabella Borromeo Arese Taverna
Isabella Borromeo Arese Taverna

John Beveridge QC
John Beveridge QC

Luca Del Bono
Luca Del Bono, Chairman

Lucia Avolio
Avv. Lucia Avolio


A steering committee comprising our most active donors approves grants and directs strategy.

  • Beatrice Bulgari
  • Belquis Zahir
  • Elvira Grimaldi Oetker
  • Federica Barbaro
  • Ophelia Brown
  • Raffaele Ranucci
  • Rossella Beaugié



Virginia Tronchetti Provera

Martina Ferrin
Martina Ferrin

Monica Blasi
Monica Blasi