By: aipfadmin On: June 08, 2021 In: News Comments: 0

Earlier this year the only donkey on Filicudi got too old to work anymore. Therefore, Filicudi was without a vital form of transport of things that the other donkeys used to do across it’s challenging terrain. Also, some islanders resorted to “il cingolato“, which tends to destroy old mule tracks, so up on the noble initiative of Belquis Zahir, we decided to support the idea to welcome a new donkey/mule and a pastor to care for him. And – here comes Ciccio!

A shed is being built for Ciccio, as well as a fenced field – while Belquis Zahir, member of our foundation committee, will be overseeing for his welfare. The high standards of his upkeep is of great concern.

Also, Ciccio, the mule will be sometimes used to carry children of Filicudi, to ride the tracks of the island’s heritage.