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Happy holidays with the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation
 The Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation (AIPF) works to preserve the exceptional natural beauty of the Islands, by promoting a sustainable approach to tourism and development through a number of initiatives across five main areas: marine conservation; landscape conservation; sustainable agriculture; waste management and renewable energy.


Marine conservation

Working in collaboration with BLUE Marine Foundation to protect the Aeolian waters, and to develop a strong small scale sustainable fishery. 

The Aeolian Islands are a Mission Blue Hope Spot!

The Aeolian Islands become a Mission Blue Hope Spot and highlight local efforts in marine conservation. Dr. Sylvia Earle, Founder of Mission Blue, says, “I applaud the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation and their partners for protecting this archipelago and build community support for coexisting peacefully with nature.
Watch Mission Blue documentary on Netflix

Safeguarding Grotta del Bue Marino and Grotta del Cavallo 
During the summer, motorboats often violate safety regulations in force, threatening the cave habitats. With our support, the Coast Guard of Lipari and Filicudi Wildlife Conservation have managed to secure the Grotta Caves using eco-friendly cables and buoys. The sea caves are very important as they represent the ideal reproductive habitat of the Mediterranean Monk Seal. 

Responsible consumption
“ConsuMAREsponsabile” is an initiative launched as part of the ongoing responsible fishing project in Salina and Stromboli by BLUE. It is also in line with the campaign launched by the Conservation Collective “Dream Global Eat Local“, to promote local fish consumption and to support local fishermen, guaranteeing absolute freshness, sustainability and provenance at km zero. 

 Rediscovering the ancient maritime tradition and sustainable fishing

Following Lipari, a course was held for the middle school students from Salina (Istituto Comprensivo Isole Eolie di Malfa) aimed at improving knowledge of the ancient marine arts of Aeolian fishing and the enhancement of the fish stocks. The course increased awareness of environmental issues related to the marine environment and its inhabitants. The initiative was curated by Associazione Kurma, in partnership with the school Lipari S.Lucia and the Wildlife Museum of the University of Messina and supported by BLUE and AIPF. The course included both classroom and practical lessons, as well as direct observation of professional fishing operations, with the collaboration of the local fishermen Pasqualino Taranto, Giulio Taranto, Gaetano Zangari and his son Max. 


Sea turtles protection all over the islands
We also supported the TartaNest Eolie project by Filicudi Wildlife Conservation aimed at monitoring and safeguarding suitable nesting areas for Caretta Caretta. The project included weekly monitoring of the sandy beaches around the islands, an information campaign for tourists and the local community and specific educational courses for children. 


Waste management

Plastic free schools in Lipari and Panarea

The primary schools IC Isole Eolie of Lipari and Panarea are now totally plastic free! The project involved the inauguration of drinking fountains and delivery of reusable water bottles which was attended by Mayor Marco Giorgianni and the Council Member Massimo Taranto. Marevivo together with the school promoted the initiative.

Renewable energies

Greening the Islands Observatory
The Municipality of Lipari joins the Greening the Islands Observatory, with the support of the AIPF, thus setting it on a path to become a leading island in green innovation. The Task Force will be composed of all major local, regional, national, and European players who need to be involved in the transition process towards sustainability.



Meeting with the Secretary of State for the Ministry of the Environment, the Honourable Roberto Morassut

A meeting has been held with the Secretary of State for the Ministry of the Environment, the Honourable Roberto Morassut, the Mayor of Lipari Marco Giorgianni and Luca Del Bono, Chairman of the AIPF, in Porto delle Genti Lipari, together with the main associations that have been working to carry out projects for the protection of the Aeolian sea. Speakers included Senator Raffaele Ranucci, honorary citizen of Lipari, Rosalba Giugni, President of Marevivo; Monica Blasi, President of Filicudi Wildlife Conservation; Andrea Morello, President of Sea Shepherd; Carmelo Isgrò, Director of the MUMA Museo del Mare in Milazzo; Rosi Mollica, director of Gente di Mare.

Promoting the Marine Protected Area Committee of Salina Island

An information and aggregation process to create the first Committee to promote the Marine Protected Area of Salina has begun, thanks to the interest expressed by local stakeholders, in particular the association of hoteliers on the island “Salina Isola Verde”. The committee is in the start-up phase and will be managed by the local stakeholders.

Presentation of the “Nautical Guide of the Aeolian Islands” by Carolyn Berger

As part of the Festival Un Mare di Cinema, organized by the Centro Studi Eoliano in Lipari, we presented the book “Nautical Guide of the Aeolian Islands” by Carolyn Berger. We have addressed several issues regarding the existing regulations to preserve the marine environments and protected species of the islands, with the author, the former Captain of the Coast Guard of Lipari, Francesco Principale and Carmelo Isgrò from MuMa, Museum of the Sea in Milazzo.

The awards ceremony for the contest “Draw the Aeolian Sea” was held in the school of Lipari, Istituto Comprensivo Statale Lipari S. Lucia. The winner of the first prize is Alice Lo Schiavo from the school of Pianoconte, who has been awarded with a snorkeling set. Silvia Mollica and Manuel Paris from the school of Canneto won the second and third prizes, have been awarded with a diving mask. During the quarantine period, 36 children joined enthusiastically in the initiative by sharing their drawings and they showed great sensitivity with regard to the protection of the sea. 

 In October Palazzo Marchetti Cinema hosted the Conference “Sustainability at sea, sustainability on your plate and the legality of fishing”. The event was organized by Salina Isola Verde to promote peculiarities and riches of our territory. Both the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation and Blue Marine Foundation took part in the conference, which focused on the theme of fishing and sustainable cooking.

 Celebrating 5 years in the Aeolian Islands


Read about the amazing local environmental initiatives that our global family is supporting all over the world, visiting www.conservation-collective.org and following conservationcollectiveorg on insta!


With your support, the Aeolian Islands really can hold onto and improve upon their tremendous beauty and can be a model for the sustainable management of islands.