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Our recreational boating ‘code of conduct’ will now be displayed prominently on all boat rentals across the Aeolians, with the support of the Coast Guard. We hope that this will educate boat users about how to enjoy the best of the local marine environment whilst simultaneously protecting, and not harming, its...

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Everything’s ready for the diving mission to recover the ghost nets with Healthy Seas, in collaboration with Ghost Fishing, Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund and Blue Marine Foundation. Local divers and fismermen, together with some volunteers, will be involved in the recovery operations. Special thanks to the municipality of Malfa...

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How to intervene when you spot a sea turtle in trouble? Here the small documentary explaining how by Filicudi Wildlife Conservation, supported by us together with Blue Marine Foundation in the frame of the project TartaNet Eolie. Each of us can do something to repopulate the sea of this...

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Oceana urges Italy to protect marine wildlife hotspot in Sicily New research highlights biodiversity value of Sicily’s Aeolian Islands, with 900 marine species found in an area the size of Rome Discoveries include sixteen species threatened with extinction and exceptional underwater forest of bamboo coral, Mediterranean’s most endangered coral...

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The Aeolian Preservation Fund and Blue Marine Foundation launched an information campaign where numerous research studies will be shared over the next 5 months. Each project enables us to understand more about the unique marine environment of the Aeolian Islands and promote the need for marine protection. #ProtectTheAeolians Download...

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The “TartaNet Eolie” project, promoted by the Filicudi Wildlife Conservation association and supported by the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund and Blue Marine Foundation, starts. The project aims to improve the sea turtle rescue network in the Aeolian archipelago through a series of concrete environmental and dissemination actions and an...

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Thank you Carmelo Isgrò for telling us the story of Siso, the sperm whale who died in the Aeolians and whose skeleton will be exhibited in the MUMA Museum in Milazzo, with the illegal net and plastic which killed him. How important our choises are for the future of...

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Recovery of the historic paths of Alicudi From 26th to 30th of April 2019 the first part of the project “Recovery of the historic paths of Alicudi: rediscovering the natural heritage and terraced landscapes of Mediterranean small islands” took place. The project has been entirely funded by Aeolian Islands...

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The first edition of the Round Aeolian Race starts, 140 miles sailing across the Aeolian Islands. The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund among the promoters of the initiative! ⛵ https://roundaeolianrace.it

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