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“Artisanal fishery risks to disappear as fast as the fish that they rely upon to make a living. These are the memories, the desires, the frustrations and the thoughts of a rare breed: the artisanal Aeolian fishermen.” Monday 28th August, Bookshop Amaneï Salina, “Come ti vedono i miei occhi:...

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Together with Blue Marine Foundation we are promoting a network of local sustainable activities, with “Muciara Diving Center” eco-snorkeling, “Nesos” eco-trekking, “Filicudi Wildlife Conservation” volunteer for nature and “Ulisse Sailing Club” rowing and sailing. We believe that a more sustainable tourism must be promoted, in order to explore our...

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The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund and Blue Marine Foundation are working together to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Aeolian Islands. Posters displaying information about the inhabitants of our seas will be exhibited at the ticket offices in Milazzo, in the harbours and ports of the islands...

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