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Happy to participate this year together with Blue Marine Foundation, to the festival “Un Mare di Cinema” to present once again Oceana Europe’s deep sea research in the Aeolians, which revealed unexpected and endangered marine species. Wednesday 25th of July at 8 pm, in Lipari at Centro Studi Eoliano.

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The posidonia oceanica study has been presented in Salina island by Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation and the Aeolian Preservation Fund. The 25% of the seagrass meadows already disappeared because of the effects of climate change and boat moorings. The monitoring is necessary in...

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The Aeolian Islands and our brochures are out all over Sicily, with the monthly magazine Gattopardo!

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A sea turtle has been released today after the treatment by the Filicudi Wildlife Conservation association, was recovered because of a bowel obstruction. Marin debris and microplastics were estracted from the turtle feces. The Aeolian Preservation Fund and Blue Marine Foundation fundings have been used to purchase medical material and to...

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