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The AIPF and BLUE commissioned a study by the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station to monitor the health of the seagrass meadows in Salina. If the Rinella Port project goes ahead, the environmental implications for seagass are of great concern.

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UK and European fishermen met in Dorset to tackle unsustainable fishing practices Blue Marine Foundation – which has pioneered a model of sustainable fishing hailed as a “world first” – convened fishermen from five countries to share expertise, knowledge and ideas to tackle unsustainable practices. Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE)...

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Ambasciata d’Italia in the United Kingdom, London, this week Anglo-Italian entrepreneur Luca Del Bono. was given, by the Ambassador, a reception at the Embassy, to celebrate his receiving the highest ranking knighthood Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, from the President of Italy. Guests that celebrated with Luca included Tom...

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