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  The great italian brand “Amaro Montenego” started a campaign to support real heroes in Italy: The FILICUDI WILDLIFE CONSERVATION is one of the associations in the competition and we can all help them to win this great prize!     It’s very easy to do: enter the website...

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The smaller islands, designed as a paradigmatic example or as a metaphor for the need to conduct aimed at environmental sustainability, the rational use of resources, to the knowledge of the “limits” of actions to environmental impact, have been the inspiring element of the project “Dolphins guardians of the...

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  A time not too long ago, the Aeolian Islands were a paradise unknown to most people. Only extravagant and adventurous travellers, thrown into scenes of Homeric memory, had visited over the centuries. They returned, intimidated by those islands where the volcanic ash and the smoke from the craters...

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“The TerraMar Project is a nonprofit ocean conservation organization on a mission build a global community around our shared ownership and love of the ocean and the high seas. TerraMar’s dynamic platform offers lesson plans, a daily digital newspaper called The Daily Catch, and the opportunity to become a dual citizen of land...

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Can you think today of an event without lights or without microphones? What energies are released if you give up electricity? Since these questions, it comes the idea of a THEATRE FESTIVAL ECO LOGICAL: a unique event about theater, music and dance made entirely without the aid of electricity....

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On 20 May 2015, the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund launched at Iddu in South Kensington. The initiative was founded by Ben Goldsmith and Luca Del Bono, who together with the coordinator of the Fund Federica Tesoriero and some admirers of the Aeolian Islands made the dream a reality. Guests...

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