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Following Lipari, the middle school students from Salina rediscover at school and at sea the ancient maritime traditions and sustainable fishing!From September 15th to al October 20th, at the school Istituto Comprensivo Isole Eolie di Malfa in Salina, a course was held for students of the secondary school aimed at the knowledge of the ancient marine arts of the Aeolian fishing and the enhancement of the fish stocks, as well as the dissemination of environmental issues related to the marine environment and its inhabitants, with a focus on marine protected areas and on the conservation of marine habitats.The initiative was curated by Associazione Kurma, in partnership with the school Lipari S.Lucia and the Wildlife Museum of the University of Messina. The project was funded by the Blue Marine Foundation in collaboration with the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation. The course included classroom lessons, practical lessons on fishing gear and lessons at sea, with direct observation of professional fishing operations, with the collaboration of the local fishermen Pasqualino Taranto, Giulio Taranto, Gaetano Zangari and his son Max. The students attended the fishing of the scorpion fish, the mullet, the dolphin fish, the pilot fish, approaching the world of sustainable fishing, deepening the use of the most common fishing gear.