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The primary schools IC Isole Eolie of Lipari and Panarea are now totally plastic free!In a period of great difficulty and concern the school becomes the ideal place to build a more sustainable future which is more attentive to the environmental issues, with the inauguration of drinking fountains and delivery of reusable water bottles for the schools of Lipari and Panarea, in the presence of the organizers, of the Mayor Marco Giorgianni and of the Council Member Massimo Taranto.

Marevivo together with the school and with the support of the Aeolian Islands Preservation Foundation, have promoted the initiative in the frame of the”Plastic Free Schools for a Sustainable Future” project. The initiative is part of a path already started in the Aeolian Islands and in schools, where single-use plastic has already been banned.

The use of drinking fountains is an added value for schools that do not have a direct supply and contributes to limiting the purchase of plastic bottles, whose consumption is particularly high during the school year.