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Sea Protection
We are working to secure the future of these unique and idyllic islands, by promoting the establishment of a Marine Protected Area (MPA).

As a reminder, the long-term objective is to create a well-managed marine protected area (MPA) across the Aeolian archipelago, to restore fish stocks, promote sustainable-artisanal fishing, reduce pollution and protect rare marine habitats and species. The Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea has committed to the designation of the MPA and the AIPF will continue to support projects, crucial for the success of this ambitious project.

With BLUE Marine Foundation we are carrying on pivotal interventions for the application of the Lyme Bay model and create a ‘Blueprint’ for sustainable fishing. The final result could be the creation of an exemplary model, to be replicated throughout the Mediterranean.

The pingers project run with BLUE and Filicudi Wildlife Conservation aimed at reducing conflict between fishers and dolphins, where ‘pingers’ (non-harmful acoustic devices) are attached to fishing nets to prevent dolphins them eating the catch and damaging nets, had good results with the trammel net fishing gear.

During the summer we met with local stakeholders within the fishing, hotel, education and tourism communities, to highlight the benefits of the MPA and to start to build the project from the ground-up. We launched two campaigns: the “Keep the beach clean” and the “No Straws” Challenge to raise awareness within the local community and businesses.
Printed infographics about the Aeolian natural marine heritage have been displayed around the islands, in the port’s ticket offices and in the Caronte & Tourists ships. Our video “The Aeolian Sea: Treasures and Threats” has also been shown on the boats.
Waste management 
We arranged the Aeolian sea-beds clean up week. For the first time six local diving centres worked all together in defence of their own sea – La GorgoniaLipari DivingMuciara DivingEolosub, Diving Saracen and Filicudi Diving. Many Aeolian volunteers and tourists actively joined the initiative. We found kinds of waste: tyres, glass bottles, big pieces of iron, plastic tubes, dishes, plastic bags, beach umbrella, fins, masks and so on. Among the different types of waste, we found some fishes and crustaceans that we rescued from the so-called ghost nets, which are lost or abandoned nets that continue to fish and kill in vain many marine organisms.

Sustainable tourism promotion
We are promoting a network of local sustainable activities, with “Muciara Diving Center” eco-snorkeling, “Nesos” eco-trekking, “Filicudi Wildlife Conservation” volunteer for nature and “Ulisse Sailing Club” rowing and sailing. We believe that this is the best way to explore our islands respecting the delicate ecosystem.
We presented our documentary in Lipari and Salina “Come ti vedono i miei occhi – Memoirs of Aeolian Fishermen” telling the memories, the desires, the frustrations and the thoughts of a rare breed: the artisanal Aeolian fishermen.
Our team took part in Aqua 2017 in Salina, organized by Through Waters Onlus, projecting our documentary and involving local schools. The purpose was to raise awareness of the value of water as an essential element of life and in the relationship between humans.

We joined the Financial Times Weekend event in London and Feminin Pluriel event in Taormina to present our projects and initiatives.We hosted our inaugural fundraiser in London, at the Phillips Gallery in Berkeley Square. The evening was a celebration and discovery of the Aeolian Islands culminating in an auction raising substantial funds to support AIPF’s selected projects. Special thanks to the sponsors, the prize donors, our supporters and Natalie Imbruglia for a magical night to celebrate the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund and our beloved islands. More pictures at the following link.

We have one last auction item up for sale online at the following link (Charity star). It is an amazing photograph taken in the island of Vulcano, by Kurt Arrigo, Malta’s most eminent and one of the world’s finest marine photographers.
Special thanks to our partners:

GODO” is a London-based luxury home dining service, which created an Aeolian menu, with the Michelin star chefs Tommaso Arrigoni and Martina Caruso (Hotel Signum, Salina).The brand “Meli Melo” offered a share of the profits from the “Rosalia Basket Taupe” bag, inspired by the Aeolian Islands, to the AIPF.

The City Pride Pub in Farrington (London) is selling the Aeolian Pizza donating us part of the revenues.

The restaurant “Kasbah cafè” in Lipari sold the Aeolian Pizza Gourmet and “Il Giardino di Lipari” garden cafè in Lipari sold the AIPF cocktail.

Thankful and proud to join Smilewave Fund family, sharing experiences and working together to protect our sea.