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The successful singer Noa and the great artist Gil Dor just had a dinner in the tiny beautiful restaurant @iddu_kensington, amazing Sicilian experience in London, with the coordinator of the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund, Federica. They support the AIPF since the begin and spread the words about the beauty of the Aeolians, where they spend part of their summer every year. Noa said “I pray, dear friends, that you will protect these diamonds that the universe has placed in your hands to guard it. I pray that you allow this site to remain a temple of nature and beauty, simple and pure for generations to come.” Thank you Noa and Gil for your support! @aeolianislandspf @iddu_kensington @achinoamnini_noa_ #aeolianislands #aeolians #london #love #preservation