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In the World Water Day went into action the children of the Aeolian islands with the new initiative of “Dolphins guardians”, the traveling of the environmental project Marevivo pointing to sensitize the youngest generations to the protection and preservation of the environment, educating them also to report offenses and actions of incivility. The initiative, supported also by the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund, led the 370 junior sentinels of comprehensive schools Lipari 1 and 2 to discover the natural beauty of their territory, carefully arrival of World Water Day. Meetings and debates, therefore, the importance of water as a primary and for its sustainable management. The initiatives have lasted two weeks and the children have visited a boat of about 200 years, in restoration. They also followed a real lesson on how to build, piece by piece, a boat, discovering her tools and the right materials. In Salina the young environmentalists have walked the path that leads to the Theatre of Punta Megna, vantage point from which to observe four of the Aeolian Islands and part of the Sicilian coast. There have also learned to distinguish the rosemary from the wild thyme, various types of broom and, by touch and smell, they have begun to recognize the different plants of the Mediterranean. And then stop in Vulcano, to hear the fishing stories, twinning students of Filicudi and Alicudi, between Vulcano and Panarea. And then all sentinels in Stromboli, while the final round will be at Circomare Lipari.