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Can you think today of an event without lights or without microphones? What energies are released if you give up electricity? Since these questions, it comes the idea of a THEATRE FESTIVAL ECO LOGICAL: a unique event about theater, music and dance made entirely without the aid of electricity. An environmentally conscious choice, but certainly also a need to bring art to the centre of the stage the man, his voice, his body, his ability to relate without filters or artificial effects.


The venue of the festival is the island of Stromboli, a space where it forms the earth, the fire and the sea, where nature and man still live in balance in a mutual listening and respect, a place where the human being It is in harmony with the quiet but ever present voice of the volcano. On the beaches of the island, in the alleys of the town, on the quay of the port, in the woods, next to the fire road traced by the lava of this unique place, they are set up scheduled events, illuminated by the sun or fire.



The event is scheduled for the 12 of July. Do not miss.

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